Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Truro, Colchester County
45N21.134  63W15.858
20T E479297 N5022114

RIVER: Lepper Brook

CLASS: cascade
SIZE: 30'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: improved paths
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 39/X4
NS topo map: 011E06 (Truro)

photo Sylvia Fisher 2010

DRIVING DIRECTIONS:within Truro, from the Walker Street and Queen Street intersection near downtown, continue south along Walker Street, following it around a right hand corner as it turns into Esplanade Street. Turn left at the second set of lights, onto Young Street, and turn left again at the next intersection onto Brunswick Street. Park in the lot at the main entrance to Victoria Park.

photo Tammy Aucoin

Trail Description: Victoria Park has well maintained shared-use trails, cumulatively over 20km worth. From the main entrance, follow the Park Road trail along the sinuosity of Lepper Brook through a steep tree-lined rocky gorge. Along the way, approximately 800m along, you will pass the Witch's Cauldron, an unusually deep section along the normally shallow Leppers Brook. Waddell Falls, the second set of falls in Victoria Park are approximately 1.4km along this trail, a beautiful viewing area has been constructed at the falls site.

photo Glenn Euloth (2010)

Victoria Park, named for Queen Victoria during her reign, was established in 1888, as Susan Waddell Stevens, for whom Waddell Falls is named in honour of, donated to the Town of Truro the first 25 acres of land which was to become the park. This grant included the gorge and two falls sites.

photo Sylvia Fisher (2011)

postcard circa 1913

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