Saturday, 25 August 2012

Canaan, Lunenburg County
44N40.334  64W14.485
20T E402779 N4947256

RIVER: Callender Brook
CLASS: cascades
SIZE: 25+4 feet
RATING: average (***)

TRAIL: old road/downstream
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate


NS Atlas Page: 66/X2
NS topo map: 021A09 (Chester)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Chester, drive north on HWY3 1.9km, then turn right onto HWY14 and drive 11.2km to Canaan Road on your right. Turn onto this road and proceed 3.4km and turn right again onto David Collicutt Road. Follow this dirt road to its conclusion, and park off the right side of the road where space is available.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the old road down the hill and into the woods. The owner of the surrounding property has signs posted so please remain on the road. When you come to a fork in the road, continue along the right hand side and hike down to where the brook flows under the road. The road follows this brook for a hundred or so meters, so you can head down to it any time you feel like it. When you get down to the brook, head downstream to the falls. The woods here are fairly easy to hike thru with moderate deadfall and only a few spots where outcroppings abut the brook that one must navigate along the side of.

Downstream from the main falls are several smaller cascades that are picturesque as well. About 100m from the main falls is another 5 foot cascade (just beyond the crashed car hanging over the edge of the ravine)

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  1. Your missing a beautiful waterfall from Lunenburg Co. Indian Falls, is what it is called!! Look it up :)