Sunday, 5 August 2012

James River, Antigonish County
N 45° 37.580 W 062° 09.082
20T E 5661 52 N 5052882

photo by geoscotians (2007)

RIVER: James River
CLASS: tiered plunges
SIZE: 50'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: woods trail
HIKING TIME: 2 hours
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCH79R

NS Atlas Page: 31 /Y3
NS topo map: 011E09 (Merigomish)

DIRECTIONS: from Antigonish, follow HWY1 04 west, travelling 17km, and then taking the exit at Marshy Hope northward onto Browns Mountain Road. Follow this road approximately 5km until you reach the "FALLS" sign on your right, at 45°N37.509 062°W09.967 parking on the left side of the road where space

Trail Description: this is a well defined trail, muddy in places, but a nice hike. After approximately 1 km, you will cross a tributary of the James River (Abhainn Sheumais), after which there is a fork in the trail. Keep to the right. You will hear the falls before you reach them. There are ropes in place to assist descent into the gorge, which is 125 feet in depth. Use caution with these ropes, which are helpful, but they remain exposed to the elements year round and can be weakened in places.

(view over the top) geoscotians (2007)

A beautiful set of falls, dropping over three tiers, the bottom plunge sits right in front of you when you make your descent into the gorge. They lay within the Eigg Mountain-James River Wilderness Area, which is a protected area under the Nova Scotia's Wilderness Areas Protection Act situated in the Antigonish-Pictou Highlands. The Eigg Mountain area is a natural habitat for a stable population of mainland moose.

This designation acts to conserve these natural areas, prohibiting mining and silviculture. Overnight camping is permitted as long as you follow low-impact standards. Please look to the Nova Scotia Environment's "Keep It Wild" brochure. Hunting, trapping, and sport fishing are also permitted, falling under the same rules that apply on other public lands. The only current exceptions are that bear baiting and the use of bait for deer hunting is not permitted

photo Sylvia Fisher (2011)