Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ogilve, Kings County
N 45° 08.175 W 064° 50.979
20T E 354565 N 4999750

RIVER: Oglivie Brook
CLASS: cascade
SIZE: 5'
RATING: unremarkable (*1 /2)

TRAIL: none
DISTANCE: >200km
CONDITIONS: moderate


NS Atlas Page: 46/W3
NS topo map: 021 H02 (Berwick)

DIRECTIONS: from Berwick, take Exit 1 5, northbound, onto HWY #360 (Harbourville Rd. ), and follow it to the top of the North Mountain, and on until you reach Barley St. about 9km from the exit. Turn left down this dirt road and follow it to its conclusion, about 3.5km along. Turn right onto Long Point Rd, and then left onto McNally Road 2.5 km along. Follow Mcnally Road another 1 .5km, turn right onto Armstrong Rd. Follow this road towards the beach and go around the horseshoe turn. Park immediately after the long left hand turn on the uphill climb on the way back up the bluff.

Trail Description: Hike into the woods on the south side of the road, following what trails and simple egress as you can, and down the steep embankment to the stream below. Rockhop your way upstream to the falls site. Very small falls, but a very picturesque moss draped valley, these might be worth a visit after a heavy rain when the flow is much stronger.

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