Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lynn, Colchester County
N 45° 27.414 W 064° 07.200
20T E 412431 N 5034318

photo Sylvia Fisher (2011)

RIVER: Harrington River
CLASS: tiered plunge
SIZE: 60 '
RATING: excellent (****1 /2)

TRAIL: dirt road/trails
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCW5P6

NS Atlas Page: 37/Y1
NS topo map: 021 H08 (Parrsboro)

Photo: Sylvia Fisher (2011)

DIRECTIONS: from Amherst, take Exit4 off HWY1 04 (TCH) southbound onto HWY2 and drive
25km to the town of Springhill. Continue through town, following the HWY2 signs and proceed a
further 45km along HWY2 to Parrsboro. Travel through town again, staying on HWY2, headed
eastbound, a further 1 8km, then turn left onto Lynn Road. Travel north on this road 4.5km,
watching for an old logging road on your left at approximately 45N27.438 64N06.768, where the
road levels out. Pull onto this road and park off to the side.

photo by Andrew Paul (2014)

Trail Description: hike up this short logging road for about 1 50m, then continue into the woods,
trending westward. The trailhead through is marked with orange flagging tape. The trees here
are rather thick, with small deciduous trees that are about 6-7ft tall. You will eventually come out
to the side of a deep gully. Carefully make your way down the steep slope with the aid of the
ropes in place and then hike downstream to a the falls.

Remember to be cautious using ANY ropes that you have not just set yourself. While many of these aids in descent to the base of the falls are in good ENOUGH condition to support you as you cautiously make your way into a steep ravine, they have been left exposed to the elements and they should always be treated with some caution.

photo geoscotians (2007)

Harrington Falls are a two-tier plunge waterfall with a total drop of elevation of approximately
40ft, dropping out of a chute and powerfully dropping to the tier below, then continuing down a
steep cascade to the base of the stream. It is quite easy, especially during low water, to get behind the falls in the undercut below the chute. There are few sights as memorable as viewing the world from behind a set of waterfalls, and there are so few places where this is possible, if you CAN, you SHOULD.

Downstream from these falls, there are tall cliffs on the eastern side of the river. Up on the side of
the cliffs, approximately 20ft above the river is a small cave of about 6ft in depth. It is easily accessible through a small path that leads up from the boulder strewn brook.

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