Sunday, 19 August 2012

Central New Annan, Colchester County
45N36.962  63W22.315
20T E471003 N5051454

photo: Kris Matthews (2014)

RIVER: Whirley Brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 50 '
RATING: excellent (****1 /2)

TRAIL: downstream
HIKING TIME: 15 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GC14PEQ

NS Atlas Page: 29/W3
NS topo map: 11E11 (Tatamagouche)

photo: Benoit Lalonde

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Truro, take Exit17 west onto Pictou Road/HWY4. Drive 250m and turn right onto Brookside Road. Follow this road 5.1km (It will turn into Mountain Lee Road) to the intersection with HWY311. Turn right (towards Tatamagouche) and drive 37.3km, then turn left onto Balmoral Road/HWY256. Continue along this road 11.8km to the village of West New Annan. Turn left onto Warwick Mountain Road and drive 3.1km to the bridge over Whirley Brook.

photo: geoscotians

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: hike downstream less than one hundred yards to a large outcropping of felsic volcanic "spherulistic rhyolite" and the Arrowhead falls immediately beyond. There is a rope in place to assist descent into the gorge, and these falls have a deep pool at their base perfect for swimming in.

photo by Tammy Aucoin (2014)

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