Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Smiths Corner, Hants County
44 N 50.701 64 W 1 3.1 59
20 T E0403640 N4966456

RIVER: Sandy Brook
CLASS: chute
SIZE: 6 feet
RATING: average (**)

TRAIL: none
DISTANCE: >1 00m
HIKING TIME: 1 5 minutes
CONDITIONS: bushwhacking


NS Atlas Page: 57/X3
NS topo page: 021A16 (Windsor)

DIRECTIONS: from Windsor, take Exit5 west from HWY101 onto
HWY1 , into the town of Windsor, turn left at Curry's Corner onto
HWY14. Follow this road approximately 18km to Smith's Corner.
Turn left onto Armstrong Lake Rd, an improved dirt road, and
drive up this road approximately 500m, parking on the side of
the road at 44N 50.640 64W13.099

Trail Description: Follow a well defined trail just downstream from
where you can see the stream from the road, following this trail
downstream until it ends approximately 100m along. From here,
bushwhack along the sides of the stream until you reach the top
of the falls. The best approach is from the right hand side of the
stream to reach the base of the falls.

These chute falls are caused by a large slab tilted up agaisnt the
flow of the stream, channlling the water into a four food wide
chute that falls over the rock approximately 6 feet into a deep
pool. Although not a dramatic waterfall, the constant cascades
along this stream are very picturesque.

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