Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cape North, Victoria County
46N53.458  60W33.712
20T E685733 N5195933

photo geoscotians (2009)

RIVER: Southwest Branch Brook (of Grays Hollow Brook)
CLASS: plunge/steep cascade
SIZE: 125'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: woods trail/upstream
HIKING TIME: 4.5 hours
CONDITIONS: challenging

Geocache: GC1H6AA

NS Atlas Page: 3/Z3
NS topo map: 011K15 (Pleasant Bay)

photo geoscotians (2009)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Ingonish, travel 31.8km northwest along the Cabot Trail, then turn right onto Bay St.Lawrence Road. Follow this road 1.8km then turn left onto Northside Road. Drive along this road about 1.2 km, parking alongside the side of the road near an old white farmhouse at 46N53.202 60W31.752.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: ask permission of the householder to cross his field and make your way to Gray`s Hollow Brook. Hike upstream to the confluence with Southwest Grays Hollow Brook at 46N53.457 60W32.915. Hike up this stream, past Grays Hollow Falls to an unnamed tributary flows into the Southwest Brook at 46N53.405 60W33.555. Pilgrimage Falls are located approximately 300m further up this tributary, about 1.8km upstream of Grays Hollow Falls. 

Called `The White Foam`by the early settlers, these falls consist of three large plunges and several steep cascades, which taken all together, fall approximately 125 feet. A spectacular hike, into areas of wilderness that very few people ever venture towards, this is one of the most rewarding waterfall hikes in the province.