Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Truro, Colchester County
45N21.185 63W15.855
20T E479301 N5022208

photo Eric and Leandra Ganko (2010)

RIVER: Lepper Brook
CLASS: (seasonal) plunge
SIZE: 50'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: improved paths
DISTANCE: 1 .0km
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCRH43

NS Atlas Page: 39/X4
NS topo map: 011E06 (Truro)

The Witch's Cauldron
photo Ralph MacAdam

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: within Truro, from the Walker Street and Queen Street intersection near downtown, continue south along Walker Street, following it around a right hand corner as it turns into
Esplanade Street. Turn left at the second set of lights, onto Young Street, and turn left again at the next intersection onto Brunswick Street. Park in the lot at the main entrance to Victoria Park.

photo Carolyn Sparling (2007)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: a detailed description of the trails in Victoria Park has been discussed in the posts for Joseph Howe Falls and Waddell Falls, also within the park, but I decided to do a separate page on the other falls that exist within the park. Near the covered bridge is a 50' steep cascade and along Lepper Brook is the Witch's Cauldron, a small cascade. 

The Witch's Cauldron in winter
photo Sylvia Fisher (2011)

Jacob's Ladder
photo Sylvia Fisher

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