Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Harbourville, Kings County
N 45° 09.145 W 064° 47.964
20T E 0358557 N 5001 457

RIVER: Bear Brook
CLASS: coastal cascade
SIZE: 15'
RATING: excellent (***1 /2)

TRAIL: old road
HIKING TIME: 15-45 min
CONDITIONS: moderate


NS Atlas Page: 46/W2
NS topo map: 021 H02 (Berwick)

DIRECTIONS: from Berwick, take Exit 1 5, northbound, onto HWY #360 (Harbourville Rd. ), and follow it to the town of Harbourville, approximately 1 2 kilometers away. Just Before you reach the village, take a left onto Rusia Rd, a dirt road. Follow this to the bridge across Bear Brook, there is a high clearance
vehicle woods road which leads down to the Minas Basin beach. Winter access may require walking in from the bridge.

Trail Description:A fairly passable woods road, follows the line ofBear Brook downstream towards its outflow into the Minas Basin. There is a camping area and good parking area at the end of this road, overlooking the beach.

A smaller set of Minas Basin overflows, the Bear Brook drops over a medium sized outcropping and flows across the beach into the bay. Easily accessible and a very nice place to have a picnic. The beach is surrounded by sweeping bluffs and sheer cliffs, only a few minutes away from Harbourville.

Named in 1860, this fishing village was once known as Givans Wharf. Settlement of this harbour began circa 1829 by the Givan and Hamilton families. Seven buildings, including a hotel, were burned in August, 1870. The Harbourville United Church was opened as a Methodist Church in 1860 and remains today a glistening white against the setting sun, topped by a steeple with a medieval style cap.

It remains a real fishing vilage, becoming sleepier as the years progress. At low tide, you will often find the colourful fishing boats resting on the ocean floor. It really demonstrates the power of the bay of fundy. There are also boat charters in the village for exploring the Bay of Fundy.

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