Thursday, 16 August 2012


one hundred waterfalls in fifty days....

there are many MANY more falls to come, and I will continue to post one or two sites every day as I can. I started this blog to increase interest in publishing a book on the waterfalls of Nova Scotia, or, if the stars align JUST RIGHT, *THREE* books. I would like to have separate editions featuring Cape Breton Island, Northern Nova Scotia and Southern Nova Scotia. Essentially, I would like to include over one hundred falls for each region, or approximately 25-30 waterfalls per county. So far, I have concentrated a lot of the blog on Hants County, as those were the more recent sites Ive been to, closest to home and all that, and of the 40-odd sites from Hants Ive featured, there are still some twenty sites I know of to travel to and photograph for entries here.

I would just like to take this oppurtunity to thank those contributors and collaborators whose permission to use their images on this blog has proven invaluable. Many MANY thanks to dear friends Sylvia Fisher and Benoit Lalonde, and to fellow geocachers Robert Pierrynowski, Kerry Wilcox, Dennis Rycroft, Shawn Goldsworthy, Don Gillis, 'geoscotians', 'jbtech', and 'falach fead'.

And a MAJOR shout out to my dogs who accompany me into the woods as often as they can, Cadbury and Sammy-No-Brains. This labour of love, which includes hours and hours researching geological maps at home, scouring Google Earth for traces of "white water" along the streams for the possibility of an undiscovered fall, hours of telephone conversations with regional hiking clubs and nature enthusiasts. Then the drive to sites, hiking up into the most beautiful places I have ever known to find these falls. Some of them have been found thanks to fellow geocachers hiding caches at these sites, but Ive found plenty that have never been visited that way, and hope that one day, this resource will prove helpful to others wanting to find spectacular places to hide THEIR caches at.

So, now I have to ask for YOUR help. Do you know of a set of falls that I havent included? Let me know! Send me pictures!! (or the links to your pictures online) Attribution will be included with your picture on the appropriate pages. You can email me at or contact me on Facebook (Abvhiael Crowley).

AND... if you are really generous... send me GAS MONEY to get out to all those amazing places. If you send me money via Paypal, anything over and above, say.. $25 CDN, I will keep your details and when a book comes out of this labour of love, I will reserve a free copy for you as thanks.

Anyhow, thats all for now! Keep watching this site for more waterfalls and thank you for visiting!!

your humble narrator;
Abvhiael Crowley


  1. I see you are standing in front of Gillis Lake Falls.. I spent many, many summers in Gillis Lake, and swam in both falls. Beautiful place!!

  2. My boyfriend and i love visiting falls and we have the NB book but this weekend we are using your blog to visit more in NS. Much appreciated and beleive me soon as we have some extra cash we will def donate to the cause.

  3. Thanks for this site! It's been very helpful, and interesting!