Monday, 13 August 2012

Valley Mills. Inverness County
45N50.651  61W06.209
20T E647262 N5078484

RIVER: Blue Mountain Brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 10', 30'
RATING: excellent (***)

TRAIL: old woods road
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GC1VHZZ

NS Atlas Page: 22/Y4
NS topo map: 011F14 (Whycocomagh)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Port Hawkesbury, follow HWY1 05 north
from Port Hastings, 31 km to Exit3 at Melford. Follow Northside
River Denys Road 2km until Southside River Denys Road splits
off from it. Follow the south road 1 3km, through the settlement of
River Denys at the crossroads, until you reach Valley Mills. Park
on the far side of the bridge over Blue's Mountain Brook.

photo ICCNS 

Trail Description: an old driveway leads uphill past an
abandoned trailer and into the woods on the lefthand side of the
brook. Follow this up to old mill ruins, and then hike down into
the gully to the base of the lower falls. Climb over these to view
the main falls.

The old millsite here, with in situ grist mill stones and tall
standing drystone walls, was built by Dougal 'The Miller' Blue,
who operated the mill powered by the falls. His son Kenneth
later continued the tradition and was the last person to operate
the mills. The falls here are also called Blue's Falls in his honour.


photo: Amanda MacLoed (2013)


  1. i'm glad you have these pictures of the old mill,someone went in and stole all the round stones

  2. there is still half of one of the millstones there. so, maybe they didn't steal them - just vandalized them.