Sunday, 26 August 2012

Burnside, Colchester County
45N18.003  62W58.346
20T E502161 N5016283

RIVER: Pembroke River
CLASS: cascades
SIZE: 20'
RATING: excellent (***1 /2)

TRAIL: improved trail
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCG1F8

NS Atlas Page: 40/V4
NS topo map: 011E07 (Hopewell)

photo by geoscotians

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Truro, downtown, travel west on Queen St. and follow this road as it first becomes Salmon River Rd and then becomes Greenfield Rd a total of 8km, then turn left to remain on Greenfield Rd. Continue 5.8km and remain on the same road as it becomes Lilyvale Road another 1.9km. Turn left onto 7216 Road, following it 9.3km, making a left onto MacKay Road. Drive down MacKay Road 2.5km and then turn right onto Pembroke Road. Drive 2.3km watching for the signs for "Burnside Community Park" on your right. Park in the parking lot.

photo by Robert Pierrynowski

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: walk down the stairs to the base of the falls.

Located in an improved picnic park, these powerful falls sit below high cliffs but are highly accessible thanks to the efforts of the local community in improving this park. Picnic tables and outhouses are on-site. The climb back UP the stairs is a calf-burner, though.

 looking up the stairs
photo by geoscotians

looking down the stairs
photo by Robert Pierrynowski

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  1. It might be easier to take the 289 at Brookfield, pass through Upper Stewiacke and take a left on the Pembroke Rd until you get the parking lot of the Falls/Park.