Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Big Intervale Cape North, Victoria County
46N48.823  60W37.552
20T E681117 N5187200

photo Vitaly Korolev (2011)

RIVER: Aspy River
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 65'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: improved trails
HIKING TIME: 5 minutes

Geocache: WM678M

NS Atlas Page: 3/Y4
NS topo map: 011K15 (Pleasant Bay)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS:from Ingonish, drive north along the Cabot Trail, thru the Cape Breton Highlands National Park 42.5km, watching for the sign for Beulach Ban Falls. Take the service road on your left 2.2km to the parking area.

photo Benoit Lalonde (2010)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: a short walk from the parking area will bring you to the base of these beautiful falls.

PHOTO Ian MacDougall (2007)

Once called "Horsetail Falls" these spectacular cascades were renamed Beulach Ban Falls, which is Gaelic for "White Gorge". Nestled within the protected borders of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, this short side trip along your journey around the world famous Cabot Trail is a must-see. Detailed maps are available when you enter the Park.

photo Kris Griffon (2006)

The hiking trails go a further 5km along the Aspy River, called the Aspy Trail, and features amazing vistas and lookoffs.

photo Ian MacDougall (2008)

phtoo by Bryce Haight  Summit-Photography (2014)

photo by Tammy Elliot (2014)