Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Baxters Harbour, Kings County
N 45° 13.985 W 064° 29.962

20T E 382319 N 5009951

RIVER: Cobby I rving Brook
CLASS: cascade (steep)
SIZE: 45'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: downstream
HIKING TIME: 20 minutes
CONDITIONS: challenging

Geocache: GC1 A9HM

NS Atlas Page: 57/V1
NS topo map: 021H01 (Wolfville)

DIRECTIONS: from Kentville, take Exit 1 2 off HWY #1 01 , travelling northward. Follow this road (Middle Dyke Rd. ) to its conclusion at Chipmqn Corner,approximately 5.5 km, turn left and then right again after about 1 00m. Follow this continuation of Middle Dyke Rd to its intersection with HWY #221 another 4km along. Turn right onto this highway, and drive 1 .5km to Sheffield Mills. Turn left here onto Baxters Harbour Rd. Drive up over North Mountain , following this road even after it turns into a dirt road. When you near the falls site, there is a hard left-had turn, proceed around this and park near the brook. There is no bridge here, so you have to maintain a vigilant eye for the streams corssing underneath the road.

Trail Description: walk in along the right hand side of the book, there is no hard trail to the sote. These is a driveway that parallels the canyon rim along this route, but it is on priate property, so your best bet is to keep to the canyon edge until you come to the falls site. There is a rope to assist with descent into the gorge just beyond on the right hand side. Be very cautious as this is a step and long drop to the streambed below.

Absoluely beautiful falls, the Cobby I rving Brook descends thru a small notch in the bedrock at the top of the fall, plunging 30 feet in a gentle spray (unless the stream is swollen after a hurricane in which it is a torrent), landing on an outcropping of stone and cascading down the rest of the way to the streambed. In high summer, at minimum water flowage, it is possible to get in behind the plunge and look out at the world thru the waterfall. The canyone itself is spectacular, with hundred year old birch trees gripping onto house sized boulders. There is not much of a plunge pool.

cobby irving falls in the winter
photo by scotianhiker

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