Monday, 9 July 2012

Salem Road, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
N 45° 49.739 W 060° 33.370
20T E 068991 0 N 5077903

RIVER: unnamed brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 12' (4m)
RATING: average (**)

TRAIL: old woods road
CONDITIONS: moderate

NS Atlas Page: 23/Z4
NS topo map: 011F15 (Grand Narrows)

DIRECTIONS: from Sydney, take exit 6, from HWY 1 25,
southeast on HWY 4. approximately 32km, turning right onto
Loch Lomond/Grand River road in the village of Big Pond. Drive
up Big Pond Hill on the dirt road, and proceed along this raod
nearly 1 0km, past the turn off to your right towards Loch
Lomond, about 1 km. Park just beyond the first bridge on this

Trail Description: walk back up the road about 1 00m, there is a
fairly good old woods road leading up into the East Bay Hills.
Follow this up approximately 650m, the trail has begun to get
indistinct in a few places where the alders have grown in, and
turn right into the woods and bushwhack your way down to the
brook. Alternately you can walk directly upstream from the
bridge. It is a very rocky rook and the woods dont have too much
deadfall within them.

A smaller set of falls, these noisy little falls plunge down twelve
feet into a small pool at its base. There is a perfectly flat rock
immediately next to the falls that serves as a wonderful natural
chair, to sit and appreciate these nice little falls, far off the map
as it were. Named Enoch Falls in honor of the original settlement.