Saturday, 28 July 2012

Newport Corner, Hants County
44N46.918  63W57.223
20T E0424765 N4977687

RIVER: Weir Brook
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 30'
RATING: excellent (***)

TRAIL: old road/bushwhacking
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 58/V1
NS topo map: 11D13 (Mount Uniacke)

Driving Directions: take Exit4 from HWY101, east onto HWY1. Travel 4.3km and turn right onto Collier Road. Follow this road about 1km, watching for a woods road on your left. If you have a high clearance vehicle, you can take this road down the hill to a nice parking area near the brook (at 44 N 57.240 63 W 57.684); otherwise pull in here and park off to the side.

Trail Description: from the upper parking area,  head upstream. For much of this, you can walk along well used paths that run along the left hand side of the stream. In the spring, I've noticed lots and lots of maple syrup pails on the trees along this route. At approximately 600m, watch for a tributary of Weir Brook that splits off to the right. Take this tributary upstream another 500m. An old road runs along the left side of this stream as you move along, and there are several places where it becomes visible as you go upstream. Following this road to its conclusion, at the top of a small hill brings you to a top view of Brenton's Falls.

Brenton's Falls features an initial plunge into a small pool, which drains over a steep cascade. Deadfall at the base of the falls make it a tricky set to get a good photograph of, but if you stick to the left side of the falls, there are good viewing areas there, and an easy climb to the base of the plunge. 

These falls were originally on the lands granted to James Brenton, hence the name. They fall along the Weir Brook watershed, and there are so many distinctive falls along this brook that I've named each according to the original grant owners of the lands surrounding. I feel that each waterfall has a spirit, and should have a name, not just Weir Brook 5 as I originally marked into my GPS receiver. These falls, especially, deserve their own name. 

(looking over the plunge)

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