Thursday, 26 July 2012

Center Rawdon, Hants County
45N01.276  63W48415
20T E0436427 N4985629

RIVER: Herbert River
CLASS: cascade
SIZE: 12'
RATING: excellent (*****)

TRAIL: wood road
HIKING TIME: 15 minutes

Geocache: GCWKYJ

NS Atlas Page: 48/W5
NS topo page: 11E04 (Kennetcook)

photo by Tammy Elliot (2014)

Driving Directions: from Windsor, take Exit5, eastwards onto HWY14. Follow this road 9km t the village of Brooklyn, turning left at the war memorial, up the hill onto WHY215(14). At the next intersection, about 1km along, keep to the right, bac onto HWY14. Drive 17.5 km to Douglas Road on your right. Follow this dirt road, which can be muddy in places during the spring, to the Herbert River. There is plenty of parking at the summer camp sites and along the road here.

Trail Description: walk down the dirt road to the bridge over the Herbert River. The bridge serves as a perfect viewpoint for the falls below and upstream. If you want to get up close and personal with these falls, follow the trail to their base at the far end of the bridge.

A powerful set of falls, at a mere twelve feet high, they FEEL a lot larger. The rocks on the right hand side of the falls (looking upstream) are perfect to sit on and just be enveloped by the roar of the falls. Probably one of my favorite waterfalls in Hants County.

Across the bridge, a trail leading downstream will take you to a lazy bend in the river with a deep pool and high rock cliffs around. Brave souls have installed rope swings, some from DIZZYING heights, and a zip line. If you choose to partake in these items, please be cautious.