Thursday, 26 July 2012

Upper Rawdon, Hants County
45N04.385  63W44.489
20T E441643 N4991337

RIVER: North Brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 9'
RATING: below average (**)

TRAIL: old logging road
HIKING TIME: 90 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 58/X2
NS topo map: 11E04 (Kennetcook)

Driving Directions: take Exit5 off HWY101, east onto HWY14 towards Brooklyn. Drive 9km to this small village, with stores to load up on goodies before taking a trip out into the Rawdon Hills and all the falls that are there. Turn left at the war memorial in the middle of the road, where the highway merges shortly with HWY215. Drive up the hill and keep to the right at the intersection to continue on HWY14. Follow this road  28km to the settlement of Upper Rawdon. Take a left onto HWY354 and then the immediate left onto Wilson Road. There is a sign pointing to the church up the road. Follow wilson road  2km to its intersection with Simm Road. Turn right and park anywhere near the continuation of Wilson Road on your immediate left. High clearance vehicles can get much closer to the falls along this road, but smaller vehicles should stop here. 

Trail Description: hike up Wilson Road 1.3km to a small road on your left at 45N04.766 63W44.674. Follow this road 500m to the bridge across North Brook. Pick your way down the slope on the left and follow the stream down 200m to these small falls. They are quiet, draining a small watershed but would be a bit more impressive in the spring freshet. 

Its really the hike thru open fields with great views back over the Nine Mile River Valley behind you that rates this waterfall as charming.... There were blueberry patches everywhere. On a sunny blue sky day with a fresh breeze it was a very pleasant stroll along a level road that let the dogs run and gallump.