Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lower Vaughan, Hants County
44 N 51.232  64 W 15.410
20T E0400691 N4967486

RIVER: Levy Meadow Brook
CLASS: casscade, slides
SIZE: 10', 10', 15'
RATING: average (**1 /2)

TRAIL: woods path, bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 57/X3
NS topo map: 21A16 (Windsor)

Driving Directions: from Windsor, follow HWY1 south from the center of town, 1.3km, and turn right onto HWY14 (Chester Road) at Curry's Corner. Drive down this highway 18.8km and turn right onto the New Ross Road. Turn right again, at 3.1km, onto Pioneer Drive. Follow this gravel road 3.7km and turn left onto Owl Passage Drive. Follow this road 450m to its conclusion and park near where Levy Meadow Brook flows by.

Trail Description: follow the brook upstream to falls. This site features an upper slide fall, which drops into a deep pool. The stream below splits into two branches momentarily, each of which features a cascade. The left hand cascade (viewed downstream) tumbles over a chaotic jumble of boulders while the right hand side branch features a small slide fall which turns leftward ninety degrees into a twisting cascade.

Although not a massive set of falls, compared to many in Nova Scotia, but the relative peace and quiet at this spot, with an open canopy surrounding the falls, makes for a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

(upper slide falls)