Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Delhaven, Kings County
45N12.304  64W22.718
20T E0391731 N5006655

photo by Cheryll Kelley (2014)

RIVER: West Brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 5'
RATING: average (**)

TRAIL: roadside
HIKING TIME: 5 minutes

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 47/W1
NS topo map: 21H01 (Wolfville)

Driving Directions: Take Exit 11, north, off HWY101 onto HWY358. Follow this road 11km to the village of Canning, turning right onto HWY221. Drive 700m thru the village, turning left again onto HWY358 (at the memorial statue to Capt. Harold Borden). Continue 2.6km and turn right onto Bessie North Road. Follow this road 1.8km, then turn left onto Pereau Road.400m along, keep right to remain on Pereau Road, then continue 3km to where West Brook flows under the road.

Trail Description: the falls are viewable on the landward side of the road.  Smaller falls, I've seen them when the water is flowing during the freshet and they make a goodly roar for such a tiny fall. They are worth stopping at if you are heading up to Blomidon Park.