Monday, 30 July 2012

Kings County
N 45° 02.673 W 064° 24.547
20T E 389026 N 4988865

RIVER: Black River
CLASS: multiple falls
SIZE: 20',20',1 5'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: old woods road
CONDITIONS: strenuous

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 47/V5
NS topo map: 21H01 (Wolfville)

photo by Chris SHeppherd (FundyRocks) 2014

DIRECTIONS: ***due to access issues, and trespass and littering on private property as well as some hikers disrespectful attitudes, the owners of the property described previously are no longer valid. i will update the directions to the falls soon, but for now, use the directions provided below by a wonderful user in the comments section. and hey, litterbugs and jerkfaces.. shame on you.

Trail Description: THESE FALLS ARE LOCATED NEXT TO PRIVATE PROPERTY! Please respect the use of this site and obey the signs at the falls. Keep them clean! Follow the secondary access described in the comments section. DO NOT access these falls by crossing private property, and PLEASE practice GARBAGE IN_GARBAGE OUT. bring along an extra garbage bag and help clean the mess left behind by less considerate hairless apes. this is an iconic and HUGELY popular site in kings county, and falls have had access denied by DNR and the RCMP (Drysdale Falls in Colchester County) and it would be an absolute shame if Hell Gate (AKA Three Pools) were to be closed to public use.


When you arrive at the falls, there are numerous large boulders in front of a deep pool with a
charming 1 5' steep cascade feeding into it, sheer cliff walls ascend behind them, and the
glimpse of the middle plunge is enough to tantalize you across the rocks to the other side of the

A path leads up to the high ridge above the falls, or you can pick your way nearer the edge along
the rocks. A rope swing awaits the brave (or foolhardy) on a large tree that overhangs the lower
falls pool.

The middle plunge is about 1 5' high, and quite vigorous. A Nova Scotia Power sign reminds
people that the pool here is not deep and discourages diving here. A notch in the high rock wall
ahead of you leads the adventurous to the top falls at this site, which is a beautiful 20' cascade
that fans out over the rtock face into another pool before it races into a narrow channel between
the slabs of stone and down towards the middle plunge. The sunlight doesnt reach in here as
much, and as such, lends an air of enchantment to something named so sinisterly.

The 70-foot high cliffs that tower over the top falls is a popular spot for the VERY brave to jump
off, into the pool below. I f you search online, at YouTube under "Three Pools" (the other name for
this popular location), you will be treated to the bravest (or craziest) of us all, taking what is
essentially, a massive leap of faith into the pools below you that you cannot even see.