Monday, 30 July 2012

45N57.987  60W40.440
20T E 680214 N5092950

photo - Robert Peirrynowski (2008)

RIVER: South Branch Benacadie River
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 25'
RATING: excellent (***1 /2)

TRAIL: bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 4.5 hours
CONDITIONS: difficult

Geocache: GC15T3K

NS Atlas Page: 23/X1
NS topo map: 011F15 (Grand Narrows)

Driving Directions: from Sydney, take Exit6W south onto HWY4 towards St.Peter's. Drive 12.7km and turn right onto HWY216 towards Eskasoni First Nation. Follow this road 27.1km and turn right onto George St in the village of Eskasoni. After 550m turn left onto Eskasoni Road and drive 4km, trending right at the intersection onto Highlands Road. Drive 1.6km to a dirt road on your right. Park at the roadside pullout on your right.

Trail Description: hike upstream past Benacadie Falls, climbing up over the right hand side of them. Follow the river further upstream another 300m to the fork in the river and take the right hand path. Conntinue upstream another 750m or so to these falls.

photo - Robert Pierrynowski (2008)

They are named Teapot Falls for the colour of the water, rich brown, that goes over the falls. This is another set of falls who get their name from the geocaching community, and I've stuck with the name. A smaller cascade at the lower section is easily traversed and the lasrger upper portion of the fall plunges down into a small pool. A serious hike with no real trails, the reward at the end is finding a spot in nature rarely seen by others.

photo - Robert Pierrynowski (2008)

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