Sunday, 22 July 2012

Densmore Mills, Hants County
45 N 17.661 63 W 44.727
20T E0445469 N5015885

RIVER: East Noel River
CLASS: stepped
SIZE: 25', 12'
RATING: excellent (***)

TRAIL: path
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 38/Y5
NS topo map: 11E05 (Bass River)

Driving Directions: from Stewiacke, drive south on HWY102, exiting north at Exit10 on HWY215. Drive 46km to Northfield Rd. Turn left and drive approximately 1.4km. Watch for a well defined trail on your left. Park here.

Trail Description: follow the trail along the ridgeline to the falls. There are a few steep areas along the trail, but there are a lot of roots along the way making something near to staircases to assist your descent into the ravine.
(lower falls at low water)

These are wider falls than they are tall, and are similar to Egypt Falls in Cape Breton. A second small set of falls can be seen just upstream from the main falls, and another fall, about 8' high, is located approximately 200m upstream. The trail does not continue on to these, and following the highest ground upstream and making your way back down to the falls may be the wisest choice.

(second east noel river falls, about 200m upstream)

A third set of falls is shown on the Faribault/Fletcher maps for the Geological Survey of Canada but I have not been able to get to their site yet. They appear to be about 1km upstream of the set here, and there may be access, a 1.2km hike approximately, down a logging road further up Northfield Road on your left.

the two photos above are courtesy of Sylvia Fisher (2011)