Wednesday, 25 July 2012

White Water, Kings County
45N15.628  64W21.367
20T E0393603 N5012780

RIVER: Borden Brook
CLASS: cascade (steep)
SIZE: 50'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: improved trails
HIKING TIME: 20 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCVT0D

NS Atlas Page: 37/W5
NS topo map: 021H08 (Parrsboro)

Driving Directions: Take Exit 11, north, off HWY101 onto HWY358. Follow this road 11km to the village of Canning, turning right onto HWY221. Drive 700m thru the village, turning left again onto HWY358 (at the memorial statue to Capt. Harold Borden). Continue 2.6km and turn right onto Bessie North Road. Follow this road 1.8km, then turn left onto Pereau Road. 400m along this road, keep right to continue along it, and drive 9.1km to the parking lot below the Blomidon Provincial Park main gates.

photo by Cheryll Kelley (2014)

Trail Description: from the parking area, follow the main road uphill a few meters, and enter the woods on the signed Borden Brook Trail. Follow this improved trail alongside the brook, generally uphill, to the falls. Stairs have been constructed along the side of the lower drop of the falls to assist ascent, but to get pictures of the top of the falls, it is almost necessary to climb up the middle of the fall itself.

photo by Chris Sheppherd (FundyRocks) 2014

Situated in Blomidon Provincial Park, this short hike is only one of several in the park, others being the Woodland, the Look-Off and the Jourdrey Trails. Each offer differing levels of challenge to hikers, but all present spectacular views of the Minas Basin. Blomidon Park has a 70-site campground with both forest and  open sites for camping, two picnic area, and an unsupervised beach. It is open from May18-Sept3 for this year, the 2012 season. There are many activities scheduled in the park this summer, including those presented by the Blomidon Nature Club, check in at the park office to find out more.

Borden Brook is named for Captain Harold Borden, while the falls are also known as Nettie's Falls. Capt. Borden was a distinguished military hero from Canning who served during the Boer War and was known for his bravery, and was the son of then Minister of the Militia in the federal government.

photo by Chris Sheppherd (FundyRocks) 2014