Friday, 14 June 2013

Outram, Annapolis County
N 44° 56.671 W 065° 13.879 
UTM: 20T E 323968 N 4979209

RIVER: Starrat Brook
CLASS: plunges, cascades
SIZE: 30'
RATING: outstanding (*****)

TRAIL: bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 1.5 hours
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GC3CVAW

NS Atlas Page: 55/X1
NS topo map: 021A14 (Bridgetown)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Lawrencetown, take EXIT19 north off HWY101 onto Elliot Rd towards Clarence.Follow this road 2.2km to its terminus and turn left onto Clarence Rd. Continue another 3.0km and turn right onto Leonard Rd. Follow this road up the face of North Mountain, 3.3km and turn right onto Arlington Rd. Drive eastward along this road 700m to Grant Rd and turn left. Follow this road to a slight pull off on the shoulder of the road, near the sign informing you of no road maintainence further along, about 2km along.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow Grant Rd to its end, about 450m and follow the wide right hand turn in the road another 850m down the hill to Starrat Brook. When you reach the brook, head upstream, bushwhacking your way about 500m to the falls.

These are some of the nicest waterfalls I have come across in the province. Two significant falls that tumble down side-by-side with a rocky outcropping between them and plenty of comfortable boulders to sit on below the various tiers of the falls for photographing and just enjoying this amazing spot.

a small cascade tucked in between the two main falls

Each of the main falls is surmounted by two sets of smaller steep cascades, giving this waterfall a very tiered effect. Climbing around and exploring these falls is quite easy, with the massif in between them,there are evident trails up and down the falls and a few nice shady spots under the canopy of trees to have a picnic if you wanted. One of the nicest waterfalls Ive seen in a very long time.

main falls, right side

There are three further falls along Starrat Brook and its tributary, but I was unable to get to them on the day I visited Twin Falls.

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