Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mount Hanley, Annapolis County
N 44° 58.399 W 065° 11.897 
UTM: 20T E 326661 N 4892337

RIVER: Sheep Shearer Brook
CLASS: multiple steep cascades
SIZE: between 8'-15'
RATING: average (***)

TRAIL: old cart track, upstream bushwhacking
CONDITIONS: moderate 

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 55/Y1
NS topo map: 021A14 (Bridgetown)

Sheep Shearer Brook Falls I

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Middleton, drive southwest along Main Street (HWY1) towards Bridgetown, 1.2km. Turn right onto Brooklyn Road (signed for HWY101 and Margaretsville) and drive 6.7km before turning right again onto Mt. Hanley Road. Drive 3.8km along this road, up the hill onto North Mountain and turn left onto Brown Road. Follow this road 1.5km and turn right onto Ween Street. Follow this road approximately 800m to park off the side of the road.

Sheep Shearer Brook Falls II

*It is possible to proceed further down the road with a high clearance vehicle, but as the sign at the parking area informs you, the road beyond that point is not maintained.*

Sheep Shearer Brook Falls III
photo:Benoit Lalonde (2011)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: hike down the road approximately 700m to where Sheep Shearer Brook passes beneath the bridge. Make your way down to the stream side and begin bushwhacking upstream. There are two larger falls along this brook, each of about 12-14 feet in total drop, with three smaller falls between 8'-10' in size.

Sheep Shearer Brook Falls I
photo:Benoit Lalonde (2011)

The first falls are nearly directly below the bridge over the brook, heading upstream. A low blocky cascade, it is a very bright area, with little overstorey, making these waters sparkle on a sunny day. The second falls are approximately 15 feet high, a vigorous steep cascade which is easily scaled along its flanks. The third falls are about 10' high overall in two drops, with bedrock encroaching along the streambed. The fourth falls are about 6 feet high, and the final falls are much like the second, but a little smaller,at 12' in height.

There is no trail to speak of, but the understorey is fairly clear for walking and passing any steep sections is achieved by rock hopping across the stream to its opposite side. Make your way back from the upper falls to the parking area by taking a bearing nearly due west and a short bushwhack will bring you to a large meadow which will lead you, fairly clearly, directly back to your vehicle.

This is a pleasant hike, although there is not a defined trail along the brook, there is plenty of large boulders and flat rocks alongside the stream making passage fairly easy.

(Upper Sheep Shearer Brook Falls)