Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Outram, Annapolis County
N 44° 57.652 W 065° 12.410 
UTM: 20T E 325949 N 4980972

photo by Andrew Paul (2014)

RIVER: Healy Brook
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 30'
RATING: outstanding (*****)

TRAIL: woods paths
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 55/Y1
NS topo map: 021A14 (Bridgetown)

photo: Benoit Lalonde (2011)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS:  from Middleton, drive southwest along Main Street (HWY1) towards Bridgetown, 1.2km. Turn right onto Brooklyn Road (signed for HWY101 and Margaretsville) and drive 6.7km before turning right again onto Mt. Hanley Road. Drive 3.8km along this road, up the hill onto North Mountain and turn left onto Brown Road. Follow this road 3.3km and turn right onto Elliot Rd. Take the second right, 750m along, onto Shore Road East. Follow this road 550m to the bridge over Healy Brook and park in the pull-off on the right hand side of the road.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please park in the designated area and PLEASE use the proper trail upstream to the falls. The landowner whose property Healy Brook runs thru has had people come to visit these falls and try to park in her driveway for a shortcut to the falls. Lets respect the landowners wishes so that these spectacular falls can continue to be enjoyed and not become a problem for the landowner. ALWAYS PACK IN PACK OUT!! 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the trail from the parking area upstream. This is a fairly easy to follow path, although it can become indistinct at times, just continue to make your way upstream and you will arrive at these amazing falls with little problem. The trail is nearly 700m to the falls, but is fairly quick hiking.

A true plunge, these falls drop off a fractured lip onto the more resistant stone below. You can approach behind the falls from the right hand side of the falls, although the shale there is slippery. Still, theres nothing like crouching behind a waterfall, looking at the world thru a whitewater lacework.

Another 200m, approximately, upstream, is Healy Brook Falls III, a 10' block cascade, which is worth the extra hike in to.

Healy Brook Falls III
photo: Benoit Lalonde (2011)

(my son, entranced by Blue Falls)

photo by Melanie Haverstock (2014)