Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hartville, Hants County
N 44° 56.945 W 064° 01.805 
UTM: 20T E 418742 N 4977810

RIVER: Parsons Brook
CLASS: cascades
SIZE: 6', 5'
RATING: average (***1/2)

TRAIL: abandoned rail line, bushwhacking, scrambling
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate to challenging 

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 57/Z2

NS topo map: 021A16 (Windsor)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Windsor, take exit 4 off HWY101, and drive west along HWY1 (Evangaline Trail) for 1.2km, turning left onto Hartville Road. Follow this road 1.7km to a level trail crossing just before a sharp left hand turn in the road. Park well off the road past the tracks.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: either follow the low side of the embankment of the tracks to your right, or along the tracks themselves, picking your way down to stream level just before the trestle. The woods are fairly clear walking thru, with little deadfall or shrubs to push your way thru.

When you reach the brook, the top falls are less than 50m downstream at the start of a rock sided canyon. Falling in two twinned cascades over a small upthrust of bedrock, the falls lead into a deep stillwater that is enclosed by the spectacular rock sides of this small canyon. You can pick your way along the right hand side of the brook, which is boulder strewn and tricky or climb back up to the ridge above the canyon and hike downstream to the bottom falls. Or you can be a complete loon like me and make your along the sheer rock face along the far side of the brook for added challenge.

The lower falls are a little more difficult to see from the near side of the ravine, as the stream turns away from you at this point, where the wall of the ravine gives way a little. Below these smaller cascades, the landscape is one of still water and boulders. A dam is marked on the Garmin topographic maps downstream of these falls but I didnt venture that far down when I visited this site due to time constraints.

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