Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Forest Glen, Inverness County
46N29.147  60W52.707
20T E662831 N5150210

photo Robert Pierrynowski

RIVER: Second Fork Brook
CLASS: cascade (steep)
SIZE: 90'
RATING: excellent (***1 /2)

TRAIL: woods trail/bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 2.5hours
CONDITIONS: difficult


NS Atlas Page: 9/W1
NS topo map: 011K07 (St. Anns Harbour)

photo Geoscotians

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Baddeck, head SW along the Trans Canada Highway (HWY105) about 9km and turn right onto HWY19 (the Cabot Trail). Drive 31.8km to North East Margaree and turn right onto East Big Intervale Road. Drive north along this road 5.7km and turn left onto Hatchery Road. Follow this road 4.1km to Portree and turn right onto West Big Intervale Road. Drive 8.5km and then keep right at the fork to remain on this road, continuing another 1.2km to its conclusion. Park here.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Follow the marked trail upstream along the Northeast Margaree River, keeping right at the first fork you come to. Continue along the trail to the river and begin hiking upstream. The trail remains easy to follow for the first kilometer after which it becomes somewhat grown over. Continue hiking upstream to Second Fork Brook, about 1.5km along, and then hike up this wide tributary to the falls.

photo Robert Pierrynowski

There will be several river crossings involved getting to these falls, and this can be very treacherous during times of high water. When you reach the falls you will be rewarded with stunning views of pristine wilderness, as this location falls within the Margaree River Wilderness Area, which designates it as a protected space. They slide down a sheer rock face about 90 feet into a deep pool below. Surrounding the site, high cliffs are visible closing the valley in.
Easily one of the most difficult and remote waterfalls in the province, make sure you go prepared for an arduous hike as much of the last half of the hike is bushwhacking, river crossings and rock hopping.

photo Robert Pierrynowski