Friday, 7 September 2012

Indian Brook, Victoria County
46N22.555  60W32.489
20T E689072 N5138753

RIVER: Indian Brook
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 25'
RATING: average (***1/2)

TRAIL: improved trail/upstream
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate 

Geocache: GC2K8YG

NS Atlas Page: 9/Z3
NS topo map: 011K07 (St. Anns Harbour)

photo Dr. Paul of Cabot Shores Adventures

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Baddeck, follow the Trans Canada Highway (#105) north 17.9km and turn left onto the Cabot Trail (towards the Lobster Gallery Restaraunt and the Gaelic College). Drive 27.1km and turn left again to remain on the Cabot Trail. Drive 2.9km and park in the paved area on the north side of the highway just beyond the Indian Brook bridge.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the Cabot Shores Adventure Trail along the high side of the river, and make your way down to the brook to the falls.

photo Dan Gillis

photo Dr. Paul of Cabot Shores Adventures

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