Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kentville, Kings County
45N03.406 64W28.645
20T E383671 N4990318

RIVER: Elderkin Brook
CLASS: multiple, cascades
SIZE: 10', 40', 10', 8', 8'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: improved trails
DISTANCE: 500m-1.4km
HIKING TIME: 30minutes-1hour
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GCY4JW

NS Atlas Page: 47/V4
NS topo map: 021H01 (Wolfville)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Kentville, downtown, head eastwards on Main Street (Alternatively labelled as Park Street on some maps) to the Annapolis Valley Agricultural Center. Pull into the parking lot there, following the signs for "Picnic Area" to the rear parking lot 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the path leading from the southern corner of the parking area to the Kentville Ravine Trails. Head upstream along the trails until you come to the bottom falls at 45N03'27.9" 64W28'42.2".. From there, its easy enough to walk along the stream to each of the four separate falls along this brook.

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