Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Centre Rawdon, Hants County
45N03.304 63W50.242
20T E434067 N4989409

RIVER: unnamed tributary of Little River
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 10'
RATING: average (***)

TRAIL: woods trail
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate


NS Atlas Page: 48/W4
NS topo map: 011E04 (Kennetcook)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS:  from Windsor, take Exit 5 off HWY 101, headed west towards Brooklyn along HWY 14. When you reach this small village, 8.6km along, turn left at the war memorial in the middle of the road, continuing straight past the Petro Canada gas station at the top of the hill onto HWY 215. Continue on this road 15.9km and turn left onto HWY202. Drive north along this road about 100m, and park in the logging pull-off on the right just past where the brook passes under the road.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: walk back down the highway about 30m to a trail on the same side of the road and follow this to its conclusion, keeping to the left when you reach the fork in the trail. Continue upstream to the falls. The trail is easy to follow, and the stream is fairly narrow making crossing the stream fairly simple.

Approximately 450along the trail, turning right at the fork in the trail, you will reach the former location of Rawdon Gold Mine. It is presently a bat cave, and I would ask that you respect the signage there, informing the public about White Nose Syndrome, which has killed off a large percentage of Atlantic Canada's bat population, and not enter the old mine. It is closed off and experiments and monitoring is going on presently (September, 2012) The mine adit is located at 45N03.361 63W50.392.


  1. Glad that you warned visitors not to enter the old mine adit. In fact, it is illegal to enter old mine workings like this. They are very hazardous and you could easily lose your life.

  2. Tried your directions, found them inaccurate, as you said to go straight past petro canada gas station but you must go to the right of petro canada gas station, did find logging road but trail you mentioned is not there or so overgrown you can't see it except for a few trees with blue paint markings that lead you into bush and then stop,there is a sort of what could have been a road but one way (right)takes you to hwy and other way a short distance then disappears and the only reason I was able to see these blue marked trees was I decided to push through thick brush on side of hwy. anyways it was a wasted trip I thought and though I drove around and around and around I never did find this old mine.

  3. Paradise....going back 2nd time within a week....water was warm, scenery beautiful