Saturday, 8 September 2012

Skir Dhu, Victoria County
46N29.597  60W29.495
20T E692496 N5151914

photo Robert Pierrynowski

RIVER: French River
CLASS: plunge
SIZE: 75'
RATING: excellent (**1 /2)

TRAIL: old trail, upstream
HIKING TIME: 1.5 hours
CONDITIONS: difficult

Geocache: GC2AZ6V

NS Atlas Page: 10/V1
NS topo map: 011K08 (Bras D'Or)

photo Don Gillis

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Baddeck, travel north 17.9km from Exit9 on HWY105 and turn left at the Lobster Gallery Restaraunt onto the Cabot Trail. Follow this road 27.1km and turn left again where the Cabot Trail meets HWY312 to remain on the Cabot Trail. Drive north 17.9km to the village of Skir Dhu and park just past the old service station at 46N29.419 60W26.408.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the road adjoining the parking area up to its conclusion. When the trail ends you will need to navigate upstream, crossing over the brook many times. Just before you reach the falls, about 100m downstream, you will need to navitgate thru a narrow gorge with strong cascades. 

the gorge before the falls
photo Robert Pierrynowski

Situated within the French River Wilderness Area on the edge of the highland plateau between French and Indian Rivers the hike into the falls will take you thru a unique boreal plateau landscape with old growth hemlock forests, with specimens over 300 years old. 

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