Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Terra Nova, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
N 45° 50.443 W 060° 31.785
UTM: 20T E691824 N5079318

RIVER: Salmon River
CLASS: cascade
SIZE: 10 ft
PITCH: 50deg
RATING: above average (***1/2)

PK: 45 N 50.156 /  60 W 32.206
TRAIL: old logging road, bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate 

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 23/Z1

NS topo map: 011F15 (Grand Narrows)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Sydney, follow HWY4 southwest 32.7km, to the village of Big Pond and turn left onto Loch Lomond Rd. Follow this dirt road a further 7.4km, watching for a clear and well used former logging road on your left hand side. Park here.

(looking over the verge)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: walk down the old logging road to where Salmon River crosses beneath, about 500m along. Hike upstream a further 300m to these small but charming falls. The under-storey is fairly clear and the hike isnt very challenging.

These falls are formed by a prominent slab of bedrock jutting across the stream bed, finally depositing itself over the exposure in a cheerful fall of approximately ten feet. This site has excellent afternoon exposure, which warms the bedrock well enough to dry stream-soggified socks in a short time, but makes photography a bit more challenging than many of the gorge held falls in our province.