Friday, 23 January 2015

Seaview, Richmond County
N 45° 41.499 W 060° 58.589
UTM: 20T E657553 N5061780

RIVER: tributary of East River Tillard
CLASS: cascades
SIZE: 8, 10 ft
PITCH: 45 deg average
RATING: average (***)

PK: 45 N 41.528 /  60 W 58.703
TRAIL: bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 10 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 34/V2

NS topo map: 011F10 (St.Peter's)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from St. Peter's canal, drive 650m northwestward (thru the village) and turn left onto Pepperell St. Follow this street and take the third left (at about 700m) onto Oban Rd. Follow this dirt road for 8.1km until its terminus with Morrison Rd and turn left. Follow this road for 2km, parking off the side of the road where this unnamed brook flows beneath the road.

TRAIL DECRIPTION: a fairly easy hike down to a couple smaller cascades. No real trails to speak of, but the deadfall isnt overly strenuous. These are fairly gentle cascades, in the form that the run is much longer than the drop, and to get a really good photograph of them, youve gotta hang your butt just over the water and get down to stream level with your camera. 

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