Thursday, 22 January 2015

Oban, Richmond County
N 45° 43.937 W 060° 54.895
UTM: 20T E662229 N5066417

(upper falls)

RIVER: tributary of Scotts River
CLASS: multiple falls
SIZE: 15, 25, 6, 8  ft
PITCH: varied
RATING: above average (****)

PK: 45 N 43.937 /  60 W 54.921
TRAIL: bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 10 minutes
CONDITIONS: some steep areas

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 34/V1

NS topo map: 011F10 (St.Peter's)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from St. Peter's canal, drive 650m northwestward (thru the village) and turn left onto Pepperell St. Follow this street and take the third left (at about 700m) onto Oban Rd. Follow this dirt road for 8.1km until its terminus with Morrison Rd and take the slight right, uphill onto that road. Continue on another 1.3km, and park at the pullout on the road where the brook flows beneath the road.

(main falls)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: a hidden gem, this site features multiple falls just off the road in Oban, Richmond County and is one of my favorites. The trail down from the road is short, but there are steep sections around each fall, naturally. The upper fall is about 12 feet high and has a strong diagonal right to left force in it. The overstorey is light here, and south facing, so sunny days are going to produce a lot of glare on these falls. The second falls along the brook are the main falls of this grouping, a nice three tiered cascade that goes from a gentle approach to a s pair of steep sections, dropping about 25 feet in total. The bedrock outcroppings on the left side of the falls (looking up from the base) is a mass of moss, and in these sorts of micro climates, will have a specialized, and often fragile ecosystem, and care should be taken to stick to the other side of the falls to prevent deterioration of that pristine little environment.

 (third oban falls)

Further downstream, there are two further smaller falls, of some unique beauty all their own. An 8 foot stepped cascade has easy navigation around, followed by a sleek S-turn in the brook, and a final cascade and chute before continuing down a rocky brook.

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