Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Englishtown, Victoria County
N 46° 15.413 W 060° 32.902 
UTM: 20T E 688953 N 5125511

RIVER: Munroes Brook
CLASS: manmande plunge into steep cascade
SIZE: 40 ft
PITCH: 60deg

RATING: interesting (****)

PK: 46N15.430 /  60W33.119
TRAIL: near roadside 
DISTANCE: <100m br="" style="line-height: 20.7900009155273px;">HIKING TIME: 2minutes
CONDITIONS: roadside view

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 13/Z1

NS topo map: 011K02 (Baddeck)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from BADDECK, at Exit9, follow HWY105, the TransCanada Highway, travel Northeast 21.5km and turn left onto HWY312 (signed for the Englishtown Ferry/Ingonish). Drive approximately 850m, watching for the falls high on the hill to your right. Park in the pulloff area there but do not block the private driveway. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: viewable from the roadside, these falls exit a manmade tunnel that flows from underneath the highway coming down from Kellys Mountain above. They drop about eight feet in a plunge and then continue in a lively cascade to disappear beneath HWY312. Another set of falls, Eagle Falls, is rumoured in the area, on the bay-side of the highway, although access is only thru private property and I have not ascertained their exact location yet. These falls, likewise, would only be accessible by crossing over private property, thus permission should be sought by the landowner before approaching closer for photographing. 


  1. There is a second falls much nicer then the top. It is probably a 50ft drop. I neighbour the property and have been there many times.

    1. are they on the downward side of the road or up above the highway? would love to see them...