Friday, 6 February 2015

New Harris Settlement, Victoria County
N 46° 13.585 W 060° 30.900 
UTM: 20T E 691630 N 5122206

RIVER: Gunns Brook
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 30 ft
PITCH: 60deg

RATING: excellent (****)

PK: 46N13.602 /  60W30.893
TRAIL: near roadside 
DISTANCE: less than 100m

HIKING TIME: 2minutes
CONDITIONS: roadside view

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 13/Z1

NS topo map: 011K02 (Baddeck)

DRIVING DIRECTINS: from BADDECK, at EXIT9, travel northeast (towards Sydney) along HWY105, the TransCanada Highway for 32km and turn right onto New Harris Rd, just before the Seal Island Bridge. (at the KOA Campgrounds). Follow this road for 2.1km and park off the right hand side of the road at the pull-off, just before the metal bridge over the brook. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: these falls run directly beneath the bridge, and feature a small canyon downstream with a further smaller cascade. Located next to Camp Carter Boy Scout camp, this is a lesser remarked upon waterfall than the more popular "Camp Carter Falls" which lie about 110 meters upstream. Approach can be tricky, a steep sided ravine wall with few trees for handholds can make these a fairly tricky set of falls to get to the base of. Even approaching from downstream, with any significant water in the brook, can be hazardous as the falls reach a choke point between the lowest cascade and the main fall.