Thursday, 24 July 2014

Upper Rawdon, Hants County
N 44° 59.378 W 063° 45.009 
UTM: 20T E 440866 N 4982072

RIVER: Herbert River
CLASS: steep cascades
SIZE: , 8', 6', 6'
RATING: very nice (***1/2)

TRAIL: old woods road/bushwhacking
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GC10XBZ

NS Atlas Page: 58/X1

NS topo map: 011D13 (Mt. Uniacke)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Windsor, take EXIT5 off HWY101, heading eastward on HWY14, towards the village of Brooklyn (Newport). Drive 8.6km and turn left at the war memorial to remain on HWY14 (signed for Walton/Milford/Truro). Continue a further 750m and take a slight right at the top of the hill (at the PetroCanada gas station and convenience store) to remain on HWY14.. Continue along this road for 28.4km and make a hairpin turn to the right onto HWY354, immediately past an old service station. Drive along HWY254 for 9.6km, watching for an old road on the right just before a slight turn to the left. Park just beyond, well of the road.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the old road into Parkers Meadows, and when you reach the Herbert River, follow the trails through the woods upstram about 1km to the Devils Jaws. This area is part of the proposed 2900 ha Devils Jaws Wilderness Area. The going is fairly easy right up to the brook and decent trails exist along this 3km hike into the Devil's Jaws. 

Also known as Three Steps Down, this set of falls features three short plunges and step cascades that fall into separate deep stillwaters before dropping over the next fall. The Devils Jaws are a pristine place within Nova Scotia's wilderness and with the proposed Wilderness Area designation for the surrounding region along the Herbert River and Long Lake, and is soon to be a protected habitat for the Canada Warbler, Rusty Blackbird, Olive-sided Flycatcher and the Wood Turtle, all of which are listed in the federal "species-at-risk" program. 

photo: Robert Pierrynowski (2009)


  1. Thanks for all your blog posts.
    We went to Devils Jaws yesterday Aug 3rd 2014. Water levels are very low right now but the trail is still quite muddy.
    The GPS coordinates above are a bit off, Devils Jaws was marked on my backwoods GPS map at- N 44 59.297 W 063 44.797
    Trailhead quite difficult to find and overgrown currently- N 44 59.115' , W 063 43.400

  2. Hi Abvhiael,

    I'm with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and we are looking for photos of the Herbert River and Devils Jaw to use in our public materials. We are working in that area to conserve land along the river see here for more details on the project:

    We'd love to use your photos if you are willing. We would of course give full credit for any images we use. If you would like to chat more or send us some photos please get in touch 902 425 5263 or nature AT


  3. Hey there

    Planning to go there maybe on Monday...Looked at your directions....shouldnèt it say walk downstream 1km to the fall? ...not upstream?