Thursday, 24 July 2014

Halibut Bay, Halifax County
N 44° 33.020 W 063° 33.335
20T E455871 N4933150

RIVER: Davidsons Brook
CLASS: plunge, chute
SIZE: 20'
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: downstream
HIKING TIME: 15 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 67/Z4
NS topo map: 011D12 (Halifax)

***NOTE:Davidsons Brook flows between two separate private properties. PLEASE STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF THE BROOK AND STAY OFF THE HOMEOWNERS' LAND. Feel free to stop and talk with the homeowners if you wish, the elderly woman I spoke to on the date of my visit was a lovely woman, sitting in her lawn chair by the brook below the main falls. Please do not just take the easiest route across their property to the falls site uless you first gain their permission. ***

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Halifax, take EXIT1K, southbound onto Northwest Arm Drive (HWY3). Drive 3.6km and turn right onto Old Sambro Road (HWY306) ((signed for Harrietsfield and Williamswood)). Follow Old Sambro Rd 450m and then turn left onto Dentith Rd. After another 450m, take a right onto Herring Cove Rd. (there is a TimHortons to your left.. just saying..) Follow Herrnig Cove Rd 8.7km to Ashley Drive on your left hand side. Turn left onto this short road and park off to the right hand side before the gate. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Walk back up onto Herring Cove Rd and approach the brook as it passes underneath the road. Follow as close to brookside as you can, crossing directly over the private driveway that the brook flows beneath and immediately back down to the brook. The was is quite rocky ,so be careful of slippery rocks and a few places require minimal climbing/descent capabilities. 

This short hike along Davidsons Brook leads right out to Halifax Harbour. The falls carve a notch through the erosion resistant bedrock in a pretty horsetail type plunge, spreading out as it crosses the rockface. A small 3foot steep cascade lays above the falls which leads into a long and powerful chute above the main falls. A further smaller 4-5foot cascade is below the falls, just before the brook empties into the Harbour. 

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