Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hartville, Hants County
44N56.945  64W01.805
20T E0418742 N4977810

RIVER: St. Croix River
CLASS: cascades, rocky canyon
SIZE 12', 10'
RATING: average (***)

TRAIL: old rail line, downstream rockhopping
CONDITIONS: difficult

NS Atlas Page: 57/Z1
NS topo map: 021A16 (Windsor)

DRVING DIRECTIONS: take Exit off HWY101, westbound towards Windsor,1.4km and turn left onto Hartville Road. Follow this ro.

ad 1.7km to a level train crossing immediately before a sharp left-hand turn in the road. Park past the tracks well off the road. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the tracks towards the trestle, and make your way down to the forest floor on the right hand side where convenient. Bushwhack your way through open woods to the edge of the river. The top falls are just downstream of the train bridge above you.

CAUTION! even though this is a disused portion of the rail lines in canada, there are no rails alongside the bridge above and a fall here, into the canyon, would be catastrophic. Use common sense when visiting this site.

The top cascade at the head of the ravine is a pleasant twin fall, about 12 feet high all told, which drops into a long stillwater pool that runs the length of the canyon leading downstream. Make your way along the right hand side of the stillwater, climbing up and over a protrusion of bedrock halfway along, or make your way to the ravine edge above and hike along the animal trails there to the lower falls, another small seet of cascades as the river turns around the dominating upthrust of bedrock that forms the far side of the ravine here.

Wonderfully pictureseque, these falls, although small in stature, are large on location. A perfect landscape to take your breath away