Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Glenmont, Kings County
45N10.926 64W29.876
20T E382314 E5004271

RIVER: Sleepy Hollow Brook
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 35`
RATING: excellent (****)

TRAIL: old road, bushwhacking
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: GC1A9M3

NS Atlas Page: 47/V2
NS topo map: 021H01 (Wolfville)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Kentville, travel west on HWY101 to EXIT11, exiting north onto HWY358 (towards Greenwich). Follow this highway 11.1km to Canning and turn left onto HWY221. Drive east on this road 3.9km to Sheffield Mills and continue straight as the road becomes Black Hole Rd. for 4.9km to Glenmont on top of the ridge of North Mountain. At the top of the hill, trend left onto Gospel Woods Road and continue another 750m. Turn left onto Baxters Harbour Rd (also called Brow of Mountain Road) and drive a further 500m to an old logging road on your left. Pull in here and park. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: follow the old logging road as far as you can, climbing over one ridge of gravel. When you reach the edge of the ravine, keep to the left side and make your way to the bottom of the slope. Avoid the right hand side as there are high cliffs from gravel operations there. When you get to the base of the slope, head upstream, keeping to the left at the fork in the stream. Follow the brook to the falls, and make your way up the left side of the ravine at the falls to make your way out again. If you hike along the edge of the woods, you will have to navigate thru a particularily thick second growth forest to the logging road and back to your vehicle.